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Crafters prepare for Santa Day

Santa Claus is coming to town! The Lennox Commercial Club is once again hosting their annual Santa Day on Monday, Dec. 5 at the LWC Intermediate School. Santa is scheduled to arrive at 4:30 p.m. and will stay until 7 p.m.

As usual, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the Christmas Tree Walk, in which many local businesses participate by setting up a tree for the public to vote on. There will again be a community meal and for only the second year — there will be craft and vendor booths set up in the school.

Last year was the first time that crafters and vendors set up during the holiday event. This year, crafters and vendors interested can contact Sharon Bruns at 647-2853 or 366-1362 or Boni White at 647-2256.

One of the craft booths you will be able to visit on Santa night is run by four young people in the community. Gotta Have Incredible Krafts, named for Gavin Horner (age 9), Hannah Adney (9), Isabelle Vargas (9) and Katelyn Vargas (10), creates fleece pillows. The four cousins, grandchildren of well-known crafter Sharon Bruns, said they started selling crafts last year to raise money for church camp. All of the kids are in 4-H and know how to sew.

Gavin said, “Grandma crafts a lot, that why we do it. And it’s fun!”

The crew has sold items at a basketball tourney, at a chiurch fund-raiser and are looking forward to setting up a table at Santa night.

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