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LHS girls’ tennis season underway

The Lennox High School girl’s tennis team kicked off their season on Aug. 11 against Huron and Harrisburg at the Harrisburg high school courts.

Lennox started the day playing against Huron.

“Overall, the team competed hard, but dropped the dual 1-8 with the sole win coming from Madison Buehner at flight #1 singles,” said LHS coach Kevin Plank.

Lennox then took on Harrisburg.

“The O’s competed hard again, but dropped the dual 0-9 to a strong Tiger team,” said Plank.

On Saturday, Aug. 12 the varsity and junior varsity team took on Milbank in Harrisburg. The Orioles came out ready to play and earned wins in singles from Grace Dressen at flight #2, Brooke Buehner at flight #3, Macy Wallenstein at flight #4, Miriam Welch at flight #5 and Maren Juffer at flight #6.

The team also earned doubles wins from Dressen and Wallenstein at flight #2 and from Miriam Welch and Maren Juffer at flight #3. Kathryn Loewe and Brooklyn Glenn also earned wins in singles and paired up to win in doubles too.

In the first dual of the year for the Junior Varsity team, Lennox took down the Bulldogs 8-2. Wins in singles were scored by Sierra Wesseling, Kenzie Gilland, Allison Loewe and Reba Schroeder. Doubles wins came from Loewe and Gilland, Wesseling and Schroeder, Lily Kezar and Effie Wildeboer and Gilland and Kezar.

On Aug. 15, Lennox traveled to Vermillion.

Lennox faced off against Vermillion first.

“The varsity team had some close matches and competed pretty hard, but unfortunately dropped the dual 1-8 with the only win coming form Grace Dressen at flight #2 singles,” said Plank.

Junior Varsity also played Vermillion on the 15th.

“The team had some close matches but dropped the dual 1-11 with the only win coming from Lily Kezar in singles,” said Plank.

The teams then faced off against a strong Yankton team. The varsity team dropped the dual 0-9, junior varsity dropped the dual 2-8 with the wins coming from Kenzie Gilland and Allison Loewe in singles

The varsity and junior varsity teams will compete at Vermillion on August 24th at 4 p.m. Both the varsity and junior varsity will compete against Sioux Falls Christian at Tomar Park on Tuesday. Aug. 29 at 4 p.m.


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