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Girls’ tennis team wraps up season at State

Lennox High School’ girls’ tennis team showcased talent as they wrapped up their season at the state tennis tournament held in Sioux Falls on October 2 and 3.

The tournament featured a lineup of talented Lennox players, with Madison Buehner, Grace Dressen, Brooke Buehner, Macy Wallenstein, Miriam Welch, and Kathryn Loewe competing in flights #1 through #6, respectively. In the doubles category, the pairings that represented LHS were Buehner and Buehner at flight #1, Dressen and Wallenstein at flight #2, and Welch and Loewe at flight #3.

Day one of the tournament kicked off with singles matches at McKennan and Tomar Park. The team had some favorable matchups and was looking for at least a few first round wins, but after some hard-fought matches only Loewe was able to score a first-round win.

Although Loewe dropped her second-round match, she still had a shot at making it to the podium. She fought valiantly and defeated Madison, but narrowly missed a podium finish by one place after a tough loss to Pierre, earning a commendable sixth-place finish.

Additionally, on Tuesday, singles wins were secured by Madison Buehner, Grace Dressen, and Brooke Buehner, earning them ninth place finishes in their respective flights.

Following several rounds of singles matches on Monday, the team transitioned to the doubles competition. The flight #1 duo of Buehner and Buehner had a chance to close out their first-round match but fell just short after forcing a match tie-breaker, with a score of 7-10. They made a strong comeback with two more victories, ultimately securing a ninth place finish in their category.

The pairing of Dressen and Wallenstein faced tough opponents, suffering losses to Huron and Madison. Meanwhile, at flight #3, Welch and Loewe initially dropped their first match against Pierre. However, the duo battled through two rounds on Tuesday, earning a shot at ninth place. Unfortunately, they narrowly missed out after a close match against Spearfish, with a final score of 6-8, concluding their tournament journey.


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