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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

News preview for Nov. 22 issue…

Cemetery board seeks funds for improvement

The Lennox Cemetery Board is comprised of eight individuals who want to ensure that their friends and neighbors will have a safe, well-kept burial space when the time comes. Many of the current board members have been associated with the cemetery on a long-term basis, including the current secretary/treasurer, Elaine Anderson. 
Anderson’s father, Helmer Skie, served in alternating roles as either a member of the board or as its president for about 20 years until he retired from the board in the early 1990s. When he died in 1998, Grace Skie, Helmer’s wife and Elaine’s mother, began the process of improving the cemetery’s all-gravel pathways with asphalt in honor of his memory.
Since then, two of the cemetery’s four driveways have been paved, at a cost of about $42,000. The two driveways on the south half of the property, along with the entire back stretch that runs parallel to the east gate and two-thirds of the path that runs along the west gate, near the entrance, are still gravel. “We would love to continue improving the paths, but asphalt is quite expensive and we’ll need more donations before we can move forward,” Anderson said. “So far, there’s more left to do than we’ve gotten done, but we are grateful for the funds we have received.”

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Lennox FFA finds success at National Convention

Members of the Lennox Sundstrom FFA Chapter in South Dakota participated in events held in conjunction with the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville, Ky. on Oct. 29 to Nov. 1.
Autumn Haan, Samantha Hagedorn, Kolby Reinke, Jayden Peery, and Jared Kroeger were one of 37 teams participating in the National FFA Agricultural Issues Forum Career Development Event (CDE). The team, led by advisor James Wilson, was awarded a Silver emblem. 
“Our Ag Issues Team competed in the semi-finals, which is a first for our chapter,” said Wilson.
The National FFA Agricultural Issues Forum CDE is a competitive event that tests students’ knowledge of agricultural issues and evaluates how well they can apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. To qualify for the agricultural issues forum CDE, teams must design a presentation that addresses multiple viewpoints of a contemporary agricultural issue and present it to a number of audiences in their community. For the national event, they present a portfolio based on their local audiences’ feedback and deliver their presentation to a panel of judges. 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

News preview for Nov. 13th issue…

Council denies rezoning of old football field

By Debbie Schmidt
Lennox City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 10.
Following approval of the minutes, claims and payroll report, Jerry Jones, the finance officer, gave his report. Jones reported that the budget was “in very good shape at this point in time.”  
He also reported that the sale of the railroad lots was finalized and the City netted $16,112 from the sale.
Jones has been researching a redesign of the finance office. He told the council he was looking at several options, including a complete remodel. He will report to the council when he has a better idea of what that would encompass and the costs involved.
Jones also reported that the 3rd penny sales tax has not raised as much money as he expected. He will be looking into that matter further.
Greg Stack, Public Works Director, followed with his report. He said that the water tower cleaning and the cleaning of the well at the water plant went very well. He reported that the towers were starting to show some wear and they should continue to monitor the towers and repair them as needed.

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Unlocking nature’s stories

By Erica Gaspar
Some might say local artisan and woodworker Drake Wood’s career is destiny. “I’ve loved working with wood for as long as I can remember,” he says. “It is kind of funny that ‘Wood’ just happens to be my last name too.”
Since beginning a career as a carpenter many years ago, Wood has noted the many changes that have occurred with the art that also serves as a hobby for many these days. There are two options for wood workers, Wood explained. With the old-fashioned bench work method, the piece being worked on is held steady on the bench while tools are used to shape it. When the more modern method is used, the piece is constantly in motion moving through the tools rather than the other way around. 

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Friday, November 7, 2014

News preview for Nov. 6th, 2014

Some of our top stories this week include: 

• Saluting our soldiers As Veterans Day nears, our thoughts turn to those men and women who have stepped up in service of our country. We have so many veterans to honor — from those who served in World War II to those who just returned from Afghanistan. This week we are featuring two men—the late Delmer Schriever, who served in World War II, and Ryan Weisenbach who just returned from Afghanistan. Interestingly enough, as is often the case in small towns, the two men are connected—Weisenbach is married to Schriever’s grand-daughter, Misty (Fischer). 

• Veterans Day program Planned The LWC Middle School is proud to announce the 14th annual program to honor our veterans.  The Veterans Day observance will be held on November 11, 2014, in the Middle School Cafetorium. 

• High School Play next week We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! Lennox High School’s drama club will be presenting the classic Wizard of Oz story next Monday and Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the high school cafetorium. 

• Orioles End season with Quartfinals playoff loss

• Lennox Elementary Honor Roll listing 

• Lennox Volunteer Fire Dept. receives grant from LACF 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

News preview for Oct. 30th issue…

Election 2014

After a vigorous, sometimes contentious campaign, voters will have the final word on Tuesday, Nov. 4 as they step into the polling booths. General Election polls will open up at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. as voters select the next Governor of South Dakota and decide who will represent them in state and local offices.
A sample ballot of the election in Lincoln County is printed on page 16 of this newspaper. Voters are reminded to bring a photo ID with them when they cast their ballot.
Voters in Lennox will vote at the Lennox Legion Community Building at 123 S. Main St., Lennox. Perry Township voters will also cast their ballot here. 
Voters in Worthing and Lynn Township will vote at the Worthing Civic Center  at 
121 S. Main, Worthing. 
Voters in Chancellor and Germantown Township will vote in Chancellor City Hall.
City of Tea voters will vote at the Tea City Hall, 600 E. 1st St., Tea. 
Delaware Township and Lincoln Township will vote at Delaware Reformed Church, 46587 US Hwy 18, Lennox,
Grant Township will vote at West Prairie Lutheran Church, 46788 282nd St., Lennox.
Locally, voters in District 6 will select a Senator and two Representatives. District 6 includes the communities of Lennox, Tea, Harrisburg and southern Sioux Falls.  Answers to questionnaires sent to the candidates are published on the front page of this week's Independent. Ernie Otten Jr. (R) will face Mel Zelmer (D) on the ballot for the position of Senator. Mel Zelmer did not respond to the questionnaire. The District 6 Representative positions will be filled by two of the following three candidates: Richard Schriever (D), Isaac Latterell (R),  and Herman Otten (R).
Worthing will be casting their votes for a District 16  Senator. Dan Lederman (R)  and  Ann Tornberg (D) are vying for the position. Answers to their questionnaires are published in this week's Independent.  Jim Bolin (R), and David Anderson (R) are running unopposed for District 16 representative.
Statewide, besides selecting the next Governor, voters will also be selecting a United States Representative from South Dakota.  Corinna Robinson (D) has taken on incumbent Kristi Noem (R) for the position. 
Voters will also be selecting a United States Senator. Four men are seeking the position: Rick Weiland (D), Mike Rounds (R), Gordon Howie (I) and Larry Pressler (I).
Voters will also be asked to weigh in on a Constitutional Amendment, and two Initiated Measures. For more information on these, see the sample ballot on page 16 of this week's paper. More election information is also published throughout this week’s newspaper. 

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Senate candidates say Washington leadership is the real problem

By Dana Hess
for SD Newspaper Association
VERMILLION, S.D. - Four men trying to get elected to the U.S. Senate spent an hour-long debate Thursday night running against the federal government. While they differed wildly on some issues, they all seemed to agree that the government in Washington, D.C., is dysfunctional. 
The Senate candidates, Republican Mike Rounds, Democrat Rick Weiland and independents Gordon Howie and Larry Pressler, met for a debate telecast on South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The debate was sponsored by South Dakota Newspaper Association, AARP South Dakota and SDPB. They are seeking the seat held by retiring Sen. Tim Johnson, a Democrat. 
Asked how he would respond if Congress moves toward another government shutdown, Pressler, a former Republican three-term senator said, “The problem is that the Senate doesn’t really vote on anything anymore.”

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

News preview for Oct. 23rd issue…

Lawsuit filed to get old football field property by eminent domain revealed at City meeting

For the first time, the public heard at the October 14th council meeting that the City of Lennox has begun action to take the old football field property by eminent domain. Eminent domain is the power of federal, state or local governments to take private property for public use, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property. The information was revealed during a public hearing held for Ordinance No. 551, an ordinance rezoning the old football field from NRC Floodplain/Conservation District to General Business District and amending the official zoning map of the City. 
Three residents spoke against the rezoning, citing the proximity of the property to the park and residential areas and drainage issues.
Gene Kuper, of Arlington TX and owner of the property, stated that he would like to request the council table the hearing “because if you don’t, it gives the appearance of epic conflict of interest.” 
Kuper went on to say that the council filed a lawsuit that past week to condemn his property, the first step in the process of eminent domain. Council members confirmed the filing of the lawsuit.

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Gannon resigns from Worthing Commission

Monday night’s Worthing Commission meeting was the last one for Public Utilities Commissioner Todd Gannon, who resigned effective Nov. 1.  Gannon is leaving his position because he and his family will be moving out of Worthing to a home near Canton.
The Commission regretfully accepted his resignation.
“I’ve served with Todd since day one and we’ve seen a lot of things happen in five years,” said Mayor Eric Saugstad. “I, for one, am sincerely going to miss him.”
Saugstad talked about the countless hours Gannon put in for the city—for the parks, park and rec board, safe routes to school, and streets.
“I just want to thank you for all that you have done for the community,” said Saugstad.
Commissioner Troy Larson thanked Gannon for the leadership role he had taken.
Gannon found it difficult to say good-bye. “This is really, really hard,” he said.
Gannon thanked his wife first of all, for putting up with all the late nights and the nights he missed putting their son to bed.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

News preview for Oct. 16th issue…

Ryan Weisenbach among returning soldiers

Among those returning  with South Dakota Army National Guard’s 1742nd Transportation Company was Ryan Weisenbach of Lennox. He was welcomed home by his wife Misty, and his little girl Layla.
“Layla ran right up to her dad,” said Amy Fischer, Layla’s grandmother. “Skype is wonderful, so she knew him right away. She had to dress in a princess dress because she was so happy, she was gonna marry her daddy when he came home!”
“She was so happy to see him so they could play,” continued Amy. “They danced to the music while waiting for the ceremony to begin. They even played Ring Around the Rosie. I looked over and they were both laying on the ground laughing.”

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FFA team from Lennox wins 2014-2015 South Dakota Envirothon

The FFA team from Lennox won the 2014-2015 South Dakota Envirothon. The five students competed at NeSoDak near Waubay Oct. 2, 2014. The students are (left to right) Molly Kroeger (Junior), Alyssa Becker (Senior), Brady Jandl (Junior), Brady Klock (Junior), Levi Buckneberg (Senior). Alternates were Matt Bruns and Isaac Burma. Their advisor is Jim Wilson.
 The team competed in knowledge and skills pertaining to aquatic ecology, soils, wildlife and forestry. They also competed in this year’s current issue Community Forestry by taking a test and giving a short presentation.
 The presentation addressed the hypothetical restoration of their community forest after an ice storm damaged 30%-40% of their community forest. The teams were given the full scenario about 10 days before the presentation so they could do background research.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

News preview for Oct. 9th issue…

Lady O’s capture Sportsmanship award at State

Opening the state tournament at Sherman Park on Saturday, Oct. 4, Lennox’s Lady O’s faced Harrisburg in game one.  Taking to the mound, Mahli Strasser struck out four and allowed just one walk to the Lady Tiger batters. Harrisburg opened the game with two runs in the first inning, but was shut down for the remainder of seven innings.  
Offensively, Strasser opened the game for Lennox with a shot to left field that was mishandled followed by an errant throw also committed by Harrisburg’s left fielder. Strasser was able to score as a result. Walked in the third inning, Strasser was also able to score run number two by a sacrifice bunt laid down from Abbie Strasser and RBI single stroked by Grace Kidd. Two more runs were on the board for Lennox in the fourth inning with a single from CarLee Mechels, advancing on a single by Katie Daugherty. Alison Ziegler dropped an RBI double in play while Hannah Dosch also round an RBI double at the dish. Kidd was able to reach on a first baseman error in the fifth and later scored on a pass ball to put the fifth and final run in the book for the home team.  

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Band takes second in Festival of Bands parade competition

Lennox High School band students participated in the 27th annual Festival of Bands USA competition in Sioux Falls last Saturday, tying with Tea Area for second place in the Class AA parade category, both with scores of 81.6. West Central was awarded first place with 85.5 points, Luverne took third with 79.4 and Pipestone, Sibley-Ocheyedan and Dell Rapids placed fourth, fifth and sixth with scores of 78, 77.3 and 69.3, respectively.
Lennox also took fourth place in the Class AA field prelim with a score of 68.90 points. Rochester Lourdes took first place in the category with a score of 78.10 points; Sibley-Ocheyedan came in second with 72 points; West Central took third with a score of 70.50. Placing behind Lennox were the Madison, Luverne and Pipestone Area bands, with scores of 66.50, 65.20 and 64.70, respectively. 

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