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Where are they now? Skip Wood, Class of 1991

Fans of Lennox High School basketball will be familiar with the name—Skip Wood.

Wood entertained fans of the Black and Orange on the court and was a member of the 1991 undefeated State Championship basketball team at LHS.

That memory sticks out as one of the best of his while participating in athletics at Lennox.

Wood was co-captain that season, which happened to be his senior year.

“I’ll never forget the final score of the title game (72-56) or how proud I was of our team,” said Wood.

Wood was also a standout on the track and has several fond memories of that as well, but admits there was something special about that season.

“At that time Lennox was definitely a ‘basketball town’ and we delivered the first state title in boys’ basketball—so it was pretty special,” he added.

Following his Oriole athletic career, Wood attended Augustana University in Sioux Falls where he played basketball and ran track.

“My greatest memories were actually the fun times with teammates during road trips to away games and meets,” said Wood.

Wood ended up transferring to Northern State in Aberdeen where he graduated with a degree in education.

His career choice, he attributes to his athletic days at LHS.

“Athletics played such a large role during my time at LHS, that I decided to pursue a degree in physical education and coaching,” said Wood. “During my 19 years as a teacher/coach my focus turned to strength and conditioning and sports performance which led to my current career.”

Currently, Wood and his wife own and operate a fitness center in Chandler, Arizona called AZFITCO.

His wife and their three kids (pictured above) currently live in Gilbert, Arizona. His parents, Drake and Connie Wood, still reside in Lennox.

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