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Oriole bird lands at Lennox swimming pool

An oriole bird landed at the Lennox swimming pool.

Not a feathered fowl, but a unique floating play structure in the design of an oriole bird that area children can enjoy while at the Lennox swimming pool. The new feature was recently installed at the pool.

The City of Lennox reports that attendance during this year’s first season of the new Lennox pool has been between 150 and 200 each day. City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats said, “The hot days get closer to 250 at a time.”

Lennox Park and Recreation’s report to the council included that they have updated the pool hours of operation to fit the needs of the community, and they now offer lap swim, water walking, family swim, and swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons offered include seven different levels, a tutorial level starting at preschool age, and levels 1-6 which involve youth from ages 4-7+ years of age. As of Monday, 75 kids are signed up to participate in lessons.

“We’re going to try to do one more session if we have enough lifeguards,” added Vander Plaats.


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