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LHS Boys TennisPlank earns 100th career win

Jaxon Plank, a senior at Lennox High School, achieved a significant milestone on Tuesday, April 25th, during a match against the Yankton Bucs. Plank, alongside his brother and doubles partner, Cody Plank, secured his 100th career varsity win with a victory in his first match of the day.

Plank’s journey to this achievement began in seventh grade when he first joined the varsity squad. Since that time, he has played at flight #1 or #2 in singles and doubles, consistently posting a winning record in at least one or the other every year.

According to his coach and father, Plank’s hard work and commitment to the sport have paid off in recent years, leading him to take his game to the next level.

“Jaxon has always competed hard and been a tough player, but over the last three years, he has been more committed and taken his game to the next level, and it’s showing in his results,” said Plank’s coach.

Plank’s achievement places him among the notable career win leaders in Lennox High School tennis program’s history. Tyler Plank, who played for three seasons, secured 48 career varsity wins, while Andrew Daugherty currently has 50 career varsity wins, including this season.


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