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Lennox JV claims Parker Championship Title

On Oct. 22, the Lennox High School Junior Varsity volleyball team traveled to Parker to compete in the Parker Volleyball Tournament and walked away Tournament Champions.

Lennox took on Tea Area, Chester, Garretson, Beresford and beat Milbank 2-0 to claim the Championship. “These girls fought hard all day,” said LHS varsity head coach Tammy Adney. “Many times they faced game point and kept playing and hard and were able to get many wins in volleyball overtime. They played well as a team and had a really good day.”

Team members are pictured celebrating and the roster includes Tammy Adney, Addison Martz, Ashley Bondeson, Amiela Meier, Abigail Eitriem, Ryan Hanssen, Bri Slack, Mia Hanish, front Jovie Wirt, Gavyn Herlyn, Haley Nelson, Andie Peters, Taylor Ragle, Hannah Adney, and Izzy Vargas.


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