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Council discusses infrastructure upgrades and appointments

By Jennifer Harms

The Lennox City Council met Tuesday, Oct. 11 in the City Hall Boardroom.

The first issue of the night was to take care of older business that was put on hold.

The Lennox Capital Improvement Plan includes a project to repair drainage issues at the corner to Poplar and Prairie. The engineering for the project was approved earlier in the year, with a contract maximum of $37,300.

“The City Engineer estimates that an additional $9,000 is needed for additional costs on the project. They will do some excavating under the area to remove expansive soils,” City Administrator, Nate Vander Plaats said.

Motion approved.

In new business, Vander Plaats requested a motion to approve the Central Basin 4 Project Pay Application.

“You’ll see in the documents, the application itself, for the amount of $1,059,000. Progress continues to pick up again, they are starting on Phase 2 and the company should be starting tomorrow,” Vander Plaats said.

The project is on schedule to be completed yet this year. Motion approved.

Vander Plaats also requested a motion to approve a Slurry Seal Project Pay Application #1.

“The slurry seal project is with AFCO, there is 10 percent containage on this contract price of $126,662.00 and we are retaining that 10 percent as a hold over on the punch list of items that still need to be completed,” Vander Plaats said.

The money will be used to cover costs if the company does not complete the job and walks away from the project.

“I’ve never had to do so, but this is just in case that does happen,” Vander Plaats said.

Motion approved.

The Board of Public Library Trustees has recommended several minor changes to the operating agreement between the City of Lennox and the Lennox School District.

“We have an operating agreement that was done between the city and the school district back in 2006 when they merged, and as part of the library boards area of accreditation, we have to review policies and procedures every so often. There is minor verbiage that needs to be updated on it, it has been presented to the school board, and they have approved the recommended and suggested changed to this,” said Board of Trustees Chairwoman, Becky Beringer.

The Council agreed to table the motion until more research could be done on planning jurisdiction.

One firefighter is retiring from the Lennox Fire Department, Chris Schoffelman. Vander Plaats is seeking a motion to approve the new firefighter roster. The names include Mike Fodness, Brandon Klinger, Scott Timmerman, John Fischer, Jason Bultena, Aaron Sather, Tyler Abbas, Roger Strasser, Micah Strasser, Kris Kuper, Nathan Timmerman, Harold Timmerman, Wayne Fischer, Gene Mayfield, Justin Decou, Brock Hoogestraat, Derek Fischer, Tanner Tipton, Jordan Fischer, Kale Bossman, Tyler Leisinger, Terry Weber, Jaetin Decou, Derek Severson, Zach Leisinger, Devon Jongeling, and Alex Sinning. Motion approved.


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