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Danny Abbas retires from Lennox Volunteer Fire Department

The Lennox Volunteer Fire Department with 26 years and one month of valued service to his community and surrounding communities. The members of the department recognized and accepted his retirement June 25, 2019 reported Lennox Volunteer Fire Chief Wayne Fischer.

“Danny has always been recognized for his calm, get to work good judgment attitude. We are grateful for the skill-set and the dedicated service he brought to our Fire Department and community. Thank you, Firefighter Danny Abbas,” the members of the Lennox Volunteer Fire Department shared.

Abbas received his appointment May of 1993 and earned the certifications of: South Dakota State Certified Firefighter in June of 1998, Basic Wildland Firefighter April of 2002, and Federal Courses from FEMA of IS 100, IS 200, IS 700 and IS 800. Danny’s last certified course was to re-certify in CPR and he is still current with that certification.

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