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The Giving Tree

The Lennox High School Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) have been busy. The program formerly known as the Angel Tree in the Lennox community is now known as the Giving Tree. FCCLA member Jessie Schneiderman said they had to think of a new name for the project because the Angel Tree was a nation-wide promotion. The group settled on the Giving Tree; for the project they collect donations of gifts for specific families in need in the community to be delivered at Christmas.

Schneiderman said that applications were made and collected. From there the applications are coded for confidentiality. Each application is for one family, and each person in the family lists three gift ideas. Those gift ideas are what gets listed on the tags that are then placed on the Giving Tree bulletin boards that are up at Valley Exchange Bank and Great Western Bank in Lennox. Schneiderman estimated about eleven families have applied so far.

If you, or anyone you know could benefit from this project, FCCLA advisor Amanda Fodness said applications will still be accepted through this weekend. More information can be found online at the Lennox School District website homepage, or the applications can be picked up at the business office 305 West 5th Ave., PO Box 38, Lennox, SD 57039. The applications are due to Mrs. Fodness by December 12.

You can e-mail or drop them off at any of the Lennox schools.

Typically the FCCLA students meet once a week, but during the Christmas season the students are meeting almost every day. Schneiderman said they pick up the presents from the banks, if any have been turned in, and then bring them to the school to wrap if necessary. She said if any gifts remain not purchased toward the end of the drive, the FCCLA students will fill them in. All of the presents need to be turned in by December 16.

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