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Community continues to show support for shooting victims

Reeling from the shooting at Sioux Steel in Lennox last February that killed one person and injured two, the community has rallied behind several fund raisers to help the victims in some small way. One of those fund raisers was a quarter craze organized by Lindsay Blaha and Char Oltmanns. Lindsay’s husband, Clint, works for Sioux Steel and Lindsay worked with Kathy Steever at a quarter craze in Sioux Falls. Lindsay felt Kathy would appreciate this particular fund raiser.

The fund raiser included a silent auction and the sale of different products and food.

On Monday morning, Lindsay and Char presented Scott Rysdon, CEO of Sioux Steel, and Phil Rysdon, President of Sioux Steel, with a check in the amount of $36,300 for the Sioux Steel Family Support Fund.

Scott Rysdon was visibly moved when he saw the amount of the donation.

“Thirty-six thousand,” he exclaimed, “What! That’s awesome! Thank you, Lindsay! That’s unbelievable!”

“My goal was $10,000,” Lindsay said with a smile.

The Sioux Steel Family Support Fund now has about $50,000 said S. Rysdon. The fund will benefit the families of Jon Richter, Kathy Steever and Brian Roesler.

If you would like to make a contribution to the fund, you may mail your donation to Wells Fargo Bank, Attn: Teller Line- Sioux Steel Family Fund, 101 N Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104.

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