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$10,000 in grants awarded to Lennox Volunteer Fire Dept.

Local area agent members of Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota (IIASD) and South Dakota Salutes were honored to deliver two $5,000 checks to the Lennox Fire Department for the replacement of outdated Self-Contained Breathing Devices (SCBA’s).

The 27 volunteers with the Lennox Fire Department responded to 50 fire calls in 2021 covering a 75-mile area.

IIASD awards two $5,000 grants each year to volunteer fire departments nominated by a Trusted Choice Independent Agent. This year, IIASD was fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with South Dakota Salutes who matched this grant with their contribution of $5,000. Lennox Fire Department was nominated by Parsons’ Insurance of Viborg; however, grants are funded by all 250 Trusted Choice agents across South Dakota through their membership and participation in IIASD programs.

IIASD and SD Salutes recognizes the dedication volunteer firemen across the state give to protect lives, properties and communities, putting their own lives at risk and giving so freely of their time to train and respond. SD Salutes and IIASD members want to do what they can to show their appreciation and assist with funds to help fire departments safely do the best job they can in protecting their communities.

Lennox Fire Department was chosen from 18 fire departments located in southeastern South Dakota. IIASD has awarded over $150,000 to Fire and EMS Departments since their first grant award in 2011.

The grant money is a much needed resource for the local Lennox Fire Department. Their current SCBA’s are outdated and this grant will go towards the replacement costs of new ones.

The estimate for each SCBA is $6,000 and the Department needs to replace 19 packs plus have extra bottles on hand for when the bottles on the pack run out in a fire.

“We are very appreciative of this grant and it will be put towards new SCBA’s,” said Lennox Fire Dept. Treasurer Micah Strasser. “We would like to thank Parson’s Insurance for sending us an application and all the businesses that are a part of Trusted Choice who helped present the grant.”

Strasser also recognized the contribution of SD Salutes.

“Also please check out South Dakota Salutes on facebook or online,” Strasser said, “They are a great organization who are dedicated to helping Police, Fire, and EMT’s in the state.”

“Every day thousands of First Responders and Military Personnel stand ready to serve and protect the citizens of South Dakota against the tragedies of the unknown,” said Scott Korsten of SD Salutes.

He added, “The very fabric of our society is held together by the consistent thread of safety they provide. South Dakota Salutes was organized to demonstrate the appreciation felt by the clear majority of South Dakota Citizens towards the selfless dedication and service provided by members of our Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, EMT’s and Military.”

You can learn more about the organization at


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