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Wrestlers compete in Madison Quad

By Anne Homan

On Tuesday, Dec. 20 the Lennox High School wrestling team traveled to Madison to compete in a Dak XII Quad against Tea, Madison and Dell Rapids. Lennox faced off against Madison and Dell Rapids. The following are the complete results for the Orioles:

Madison 65 vs. Lennox 15

152: Tyan Braskamp (MADI) over Cian Smith (LENN) (Fall 0:45); 160: Kaden Drause (MADI) over Cameron Keatley (LENN) (Fall 1:00); 170: Layne Hess (MADI) over (LENN) (For.); 182: Adam Willis (MADI) over Triston Butler (LENN) (Fall 0:32); 195: Bruce Galde (MADI) over (LENN) (For.); 220: Ashten Dorhout (MADI) over (LENN) (For.); 285: Hayden Herlyn (LENN) over Tayt Gran (MADI) (Fall 0:56); 106: Grant Larson (LENN) over Wyatt Pickard (MADI) (Fall 3:10); 113: Carter Downs (MADI) over (LENN) (For.); 120: Cole Downs (MADI) over (LENN) (For.); 126: Henry Meyer (MADI) over Preston Otte (LENN) (Fall 1:29); 132: Ramsey Williams (LENN) over Carson Wolf (MADI) (Dec 6-2); 138: Blake Johnson (MADI) over Jack Aashiem (LENN) (TF 16-0 5:24); 145: Tristen Dorhout (MADI) over (LENN) (For.)

Dell Rapids 45 vs. Lennox 35

160: Cameron Keatley (LENN) over (DERA) (For.); 170: Isaac Vietor (LENN) over (DERA) (For.); 182: Ryler Evans (DERA) over Triston Butler (LENN) (Fall 2:35); 195: Quinn Carr (DERA) over (LENN) (For.); 220: Aiden Geraets (DERA) over (LENN) (For.); 285: Hayden Herlyn (LENN) over (DERA) (For.); 106: Grant Larson (LENN) over Cale Roach (DERA) (TF 17-0 3:26); 113: Camden Tebay (DERA) over Cade Aasheim (LENN) (Dec 7-0); 120: Breck Evans (DERA) over (LENN) (For.); 126: Preston Otte (LENN) over (DERA) (For.); 132: John Mortrude (DERA) over Ramsey Williams (LENN) (Fall 0:46); 138: Carson Roach (DERA) over Jack Aashiem (LENN) (Fall 0:56); 145: Heston Dubbelde (LENN) over (DERA) (For.); 152: Gabe Clark (DERA) over Cian Smith (LENN) (Fall 1:19)

The Orioles were scheduled to compete in the Floyd Farrand Tournament at Sioux Falls Lincoln on Thursday, Dec. 29.


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