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Worthing surpluses Civic Center, Lund resigns

At the Aug. 10 Worthing City Commission meeting, commissioners voted to surplus the Civic Center (the old American Legion).

They appointed residents Jason Schroeder, Scott DeWitt and Bernie Zahn to write an appraisal for the building and turn them into the city office. The city will move forward with listing the property based on South Dakota Codified Law. Commissioner Sheri Lund said the Veteran’s Memorial is on the same parcel as the Civic Center and will need to be replatted to keep the memorial in that place.

The commission accepted Lund’s resignation as commissioner effective Oct. 1. Lund has been appointed Lincoln County auditor and can no longer serve as a commissioner. The commission will have to appoint someone to fill her open position through the end of her term which is in April when the next city election will be.

Finance officer Donna Van Hout received a request for information from an ammunition business on the West Coast. They are looking for 20 acres.

DeWitt, with planning and zoning, has received a lot of interest from people looking to locate to Worthing. However, there is no development in progress to build homes. He has received an inquiry from a person to build a house on the old Masons lodge at Fourth and Poplar.

He also said the decision on a shed put up by a resident cannot be appealed. A letter will be sent from the city’s attorney.

DeWitt said a different company is interested in buying the gas station and expanding the business. Mayor Brad Hazuka said he has been in touch with them but has not been able to get a meeting.

The commissioners started their discussions on the 2021 budget by discussing the revenue side of the budget. More discussion will continue at the Sept. 8 meeting. Note the meeting is on a Tuesday due to Labor Day.

The commission approved the second reading of ordinance 08-10-2020, an ordinance regarding emerald ash borer. The ordinance says that no ash tree debris can be moved except for certain times of the year and that new ash trees cannot be planted.

Jon Fischer with Stockwell Engineers noted that Chris Street got paved. He will be doing a walk-through to go through the punch list. The project was completed four days earlier than what the contract allowed.

The commission tabled talking about summer rates for sewer. They approved the hiring of a part-time maintenance person for the fall to help mow and trim at $10.50 per hour.

Commissioner DeniseMoani Nelson talked with Travis Johns about getting a couple of part-time officers to patrol town during school hours.

The commission adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

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