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Worthing City discusses development

The Worthing City Commission met Feb. 22 and heard from Jesse Fonkert with the Lincoln County Economic Development Association-Minnehaha County Economic Development Association.

Fonkert noted that his organization will be rebranding this week with an official announcement on Thursday with a new name — Sioux Metro Growth Alliance. They have frozen dues for 2021 and in 2022 will be adjusting dues to be based on a municipality’s population. He noted they are working on providing an economic development education series for city commissioners or councilors and staff, plus a mayor’s round table and a service to contract an economic development person to towns.

Commissioners approved the ballpark rental form they drafted in response to a request for a wedding at the ball field. They also approved the fee of $100 per day for use of the facility.

They approved the annual contract for engineering services with Stockwell Engineering. The commission also approved a donation of $250 to the Lennox After Prom.

They tabled the Rise Broadband contract until the next meeting.

Scott DeWitt reported on Planning and Zoning. They approved a conditional use permit for a small custom apparel company to be run out of a home.

In the maintenance report, Jake Haar reported that they got the floor poured in the back of the shop. A resident needs a water meter installed once he is back in his home. The lagoons and lift stations look good.

Finance officer Donna Van Hout attended the county’s equalization informational meeting and noted the city would have to meet as a board of equalization March 15. She also announced the citywide rummages would be May 6-8.

Commissioner DeniseMoani Nelson asked about a citywide cleanup. Van Hout was going to look into the city’s garbage haulers’ rates for that event. No date was set. She also reminded residents not to leave their cars running while unoccupied after some vehicles had been stolen around town.

The commission discussed the Beck Development. The proposal they reviewed would include extending Beck Street to connect with Sund. The proposed development would be for 12 lots. Commissioners questioned how the sewer would handle the additional lots. Mayor Brad Hazuka said the sewer should be OK for now, but Stockwell is working on a plan for future sewer needs.

The also talked about the Joel Street lots and where water pipes are located. Locating those lines, if there are some there, will have to wait until the spring.

The commission adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

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