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Smiles for Miles joins the growing list of daycare providers in Lennox

While some daycares in Lennox have been around for a few years, some even decades, there always seems to be the need for more childcare providers in the area.

With the upcoming addition of a large number of new homes on the north edge of Lennox the community will potentially be needing even more options for childcare.

When a parent who is in need of childcare currently looks for childcare in Lennox, their options include five in-home options and one learning center following a quick Google search. Now, if a parent does a little more digging, they can start to find a few more options.

By using Facebook, one might find Smile for Miles and owner Brittany Richardson.

Richardson is one of the newest additions to Lennox’s ever-growing list of in-home childcare providers in Lennox. However, Richardson doesn’t run your typical daycare. Most in-home daycares are allowed to have up to twelve children in their care at one time, according to the South Dakota Department of Social Services website. While many providers will continue to take children until they reach the twelve kids — that is not the case with Richardson.

Richardson, along with her mom Becky Jaspring, are determined to keep their numbers low. Right now, the mother and daughter duo have seven children in the daycare together. Keeping their numbers low allows Richardson and her mother to “focus on each child and give them the attention and love they deserve.”

In addition to the extra attention and focus that each child is given, Richardson also provides the children with random dance parties throughout the day. The dance parties are a huge hit with the all the children in the daycare she said.

While Richardson brings a new outlook on keeping numbers low, she still provides a daily routine for the children. A typical day for the children includes meals, circle time, crafting, learning, quiet time, and outside time when weather permits, along with free play.

When Richardson came up with the idea to start her in-home daycare it was simply because it didn’t make sense to leave both her boys with her mom and go to work anymore.

Both Richardson and her mom had previous experience with childcare and knew there was a need for childcare in Lennox. The rest was history. Richardson and her husband sold their house in Sioux Falls, and moved to Lennox to open Smiles for Miles in their new home.

Moving forward Richardson wants to continue to provide a second home-like environment for the children in her care.


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