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School to begin Aug. 23 for Lennox School District students

The Lennox School Board met Aug. 14 where Superintendent Chad Conaway noted the district had a lot of turnover last year. He said they continue to struggle to fill the open high school math position. A short-term solution might be to have the current math teachers cover those classes and not have a prep period. He would hope that would be a one semester solution. While there are currently 180 open teaching positions in the state, he said the district is sitting OK.

The board approved the resignations of Kyla Karst as Lennox Elementary kindergarten teacher and Chris Walker as Lennox Elementary special education teacher. They also learned of the classified employee resignations of Amandia Musch for 2.5-hour foodservice, Alissa Luden for 4-hour foodservice, Megan Hyronimus for custodian and Bridget Jackson as LWC Intermediate school secretary, and the retirement of Delbert Javers as bus driver.

They approved the new contracts for Stephanie Hansen as Lennox Elementary kindergarten teacher, Clinton Johnson for assistant softball and Matt Hanson for assistant football. Kelsey Rokahr was approved as Lennox Elementary special education teacher provided she completes her alternative certification. The board heard of the new work agreements for classified employees Alissa Luden for 6-hour foodservice, Amandia Musch for 4-hour foodservice, Augustine Stokely as Lennox Elementary special education assistant, Lani Stokely as Lennox Elementary special education assistant, Nichole Eickstadt as Lennox Totally Kids site coordinator and Danon Wildeboer for 2.5-hour foodservice.

They approved the workers’ compensation for substitute teachers in the district including Elizabeth Bachman, Rhonda Youngquist, Nancy Kirstein, Kellie Koehler, Sharon Albers, Molly Schaefer, Claire Krumbach, Neal Stratman, Julie Hegstad, Joanne Heibult, Jennifer Rindsig, Karen Oltmanns, Mel Gabel, Caleb Sayler, Ethan Sayler, Jen Overweg, Tara Hagena and Elizabeth Buehner.

The board approved a conflict of interest from Renae Buehner whose daughter, Elizabeth, will be a substitute in the district.

As students and staff prepare to return to school next week, staff will be return for training on Friday and next week Monday and Tuesday. Conaway noted that the parking lot is done by Lennox Elementary. The HVAC system in Worthing is nearing completion but they are waiting on a transformer that should be delivered by Friday. The project should be done by Aug. 22.

The board approved the propane bid from Farm Gas for $1.50 per gallon.

They also approved the student, staff and activities handbooks for the year. The activities handbook updates the lettering requirements for football and the training rules policy. They also approved the goal and strategy amendments to the strategic plan.

The board declared a standing freezer from Worthing Elementary as surplus.

They approved the memorandum of agreement with South Dakota State University in regard to student teachers. They also approved the ATM agreement with Wilson Investment Holdings that says WIH will compensate the district 50 cents per transaction.

ELO CPAs & Advisors will complete the fiscal year 2023 audit next week.

The board approved the Safe Return to Instruction plan with minor updates to the CDC guidelines. Conaway hoped this was the last year they would have to publish the plan.

The policy committee reviewed changes to various district policies and the board approved the minor changes.

Conaway noted they learned of a couple of new policies at the ASBSD meetings. At the meetings, policies for challenging library book lists and artificial intelligence were addressed. He would like to do a survey to see how staff uses AI today.

The district approved five open enrollments since the last meeting and denied two because the grade they were applying to was already full.

The board adjourned at 6:44 p.m.


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