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Russ Nelson recognized by sheriff’s office at school board meeting

Lennox School Board met March 8 with all members present except Renae Buehner.

Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Swenson addressed the board during public comment to recognize transportation director Russ Nelson for his actions during the bus fire on Feb. 10. He presented Nelson with the Sheriff’s Honor Award and a gold Sheriff’s Honor Challenge Coin. Swenson also presented each of the 12 students on the bus that day with a silver Sheriff’s Challenge Coin for remaining calm and evacuating safely.

After public comment, Nelson presented information on the school’s vehicle list. He noted they are two buses short now with the loss of the one in the fire and another bus that has a blown motor. He notes they put on about 15,000 miles a year on buses and they have been updating the bus fleet with one new bus a year for the past six years. He suggested getting another propane bus because the price of propane is lower than diesel and there’s a lot less maintenance with propane buses.

Superintendent Chad Conaway reported the finance committee will be meeting soon. He is happy with how the year has gone so far without having to cancel school due to COVID and getting through the majority of activities with the exception of one football game. Some staff have been successful in getting vaccinated at retail pharmacies so far.

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