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Police report shows uptick in drug cases

Lennox Police Department reported a large increase in drug cases for 2020.

In 2019 the Lennox Police Department had a total of five cases and 18 calls for service involving drugs. In 2020 that number jumped to 46 cases and 17 more calls for service involving drugs.

Police Supervisor Sgt. John Roman stated in a message to fellow officers, “This is in part to our technology advances but more importantly directly stems from your ambition, passion, and diligence in traffic and casework; even with COVID restrictions.”

Lennox Police Chief Will Ericksen offered his kudos to his team, as well, stating his appreciation for the officers and the work they’ve accomplished.

Chief Ericksen also offered his thanks to the City of Lennox for purchasing new software and equipment. He said the tracking methods the officers use has improved greatly. One is a computer based software, the Zuercher System, this has streamlined the way the Department operates, said the Chief. The software essentially allows the officers to be mobile and have data, maps, records and more, right at their fingertips.

Erickson said several officers have also undergone training to improve on what to look for in drug cases. Chief Ericksen said the drugs they have typically seen the most of in town have been marijuana and meth.

He adds that there hasn’t been a big influx of drugs, but the department has been actively patrolling, and that’s a benefit to the citizens of Lennox.

“Narcotics cases develop,” he said. It starts with an arrest when narcotics have been located, often that results in a search warrant. Ericksen said that Sgt. Roman has been instrumental in implementing the search warrants.

The Police Department report presented at Monday night’s council meeting also included a December 2020 calls for service report for that one month; in December alone Lennox Police Officers responded to 201 calls. The calls included a multitude of incidents — code enforcement, traffic enforcement, harassment, theft, animal found, fraud, domestic dispute, illegal dumping, sex offense, vandalism, noise complaint, child custody dispute, and even a pursuit.

Other monthly reports presented to the Council included the Water/Wastewater Report, Ambulance Report, Library Report, the Streets Report and the December 2020 Performance Management Report. All reports are available online at, under City Council agendas.

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