Otten receives Housing Award

Last month, District 6 Senator Herman Otten received the SD Partner in Housing Award. This award from the South Dakota Home Builders Association was started in 2020 and was awarded to Governor Kristi Noem. The award is given to someone who helps to push forward housing initiatives across the state.

Executive Vice President of the South Dakota Home Builders Association Tony Jockheck said that Senator Herman Otten was selected because he was the prime sponsor and a huge champion for the Housing Bill SB92.

Senate Bill 92, requires that certain proposed rules include a housing cost impact statement. Whenever an agency looking to implement a new rule, or code, onto the housing industry, they must now perform a housing cost impact statement showing the direct cost on homes to achieve the new rule or code. Once the statement is prepared, they must publish to the public before any hearing in which the rules or codes would be implemented. SB 92 will help keep unnecessary and costly rules or codes out of homes in South Dakota. The bill was signed into law by the Governor in March 2021.

Jockheck said Senator Otten has been a friend to the industry for years.

“With him having the background in construction, it’s like having boo