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Orioles qualify five wrestlers for State

Following the Region 2A Wrestling Tournament in Brandon Valley on Friday, Feb. 17, the Lennox High School wrestling team saw three more wrestlers punch their ticket to state with Grant Larson taking second, Ramsey Williams taking fourth and Hayden Herlyn grabbing fourth as well. The three boy wrestlers join girls Sierra Smidt and Jocelyn Thoms who previously qualified in Harrisburg.

“I am very proud of our whole team. We showed a lot of GRIT this year. Even at the region tournament all the guys came to wrestle,” said LHS head coach Blake Crosby. “For the five that made State it is a nice ending to a great year.”

Smidt is the lone senior girl to represent Lennox.

“Sierra has come so far in one year. Last season she won only five matches now she goes into State with 15,” said Crosby. “Sierra worked extremely hard to get to this stage.”

Smidt will face off against Viborg/Hurley/Irene/Wakonda’s Morgan Lee in the opening round of State.

Thoms, a seventh grader, will join Smidt as the two girl qualifiers.

“Jocelyn is a first-year wrestler but growing up in a wrestling family she has a lot of natural ability,” said Crosby. “Jocelyn has pushed herself to learn many new skills through the year. She is always staying later trying to get better. Both are looking to get on the podium.”

Thoms will face off against Rapid City Stevens’ Cassandra Wittee in the opening round at State.

Crosby is also excited about the three wrestlers qualified for the boys.

“Grant Larson has been a beast all season. He is only an 8th grader but pushed himself in the off-season by going to camps and improved immensely,” said Crosby. “He comes in with 32 wins and the eighth seeded wrestler at 106. He is looking to be the first 106 pound wrestler to place since Tyson Stoebner. He is a great kid, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Larson begins State with a match against Milbank’s Owen Fischer.

Williams will be making his second State appearance.

“Ram is dedicated to his craft as wrestler. He is always working with coaches trying to get better. Ram is one of the hardest workers in our room and you can tell late in matches,” said Crosby. “Last year he lost a heart breaker in the Blood round, this year he is hoping to push through and get that state medal.”

Williams begins his State run against Brandon Valley’s Zander Nielsen.

Herlyn, who couldn’t wrestle last season due to a broken leg in football, has bounced back this season with a trip to State as a senior.

“He has come back showing the best wrestling version of himself,” said Crosby. “He has pushed himself a lot this season. I am hoping we can end the year on a high note.”

Herlyn faces off against Harrisburg’s Gueibondy Doelue in the open round of the State Tournament.

The 2023 State A Tournament will begin on Thursday, Feb. 23 and continue through Saturday, Feb. 25 at the Summit Arena in Rapid City.

Complete results from Regions are as follows:

106—Grant Larson: Champ. Round 1 - Grant Larson (Lennox) received a bye; Quarterfinals - Grant Larson (Lennox) over Josiah Kauffman (Sioux Falls Lincoln) (MD 11-0); Semifinals - Grant Larson (Lennox) over Griffin Felder (Harrisburg) (Dec 6-0); 1st Place Match - Brendon Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Grant Larson (Lennox) (Fall 2:41)

120—Preston Otte: Quarterfinals - Turner Gordon (Sioux Falls Lincoln) over Preston Otte (Lennox) (Fall 0:30); Cons. Round 1 - Patrick Gurney (Yankton) over Preston Otte (Lennox) (Fall 3:42)

126—Ramsey Williams: Quarterfinals - Ramsey Williams (Lennox) over Tate Lyle (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) (Fall 2:32); Semifinals - Carter Ractliffe (Harrisburg) over Ramsey Williams (Lennox) (MD 11-1); Cons. Semis - Ramsey Williams (Lennox) over Dominic Cadena (Yankton) (Fall 1:54); 3rd Place Match - Zander Nielsen (Brandon Valley) over Ramsey Williams (Lennox) (Fall 0:59)

132—Jack Aasheim: Quarterfinals - Dylan Sloan (Yankton) over Jack Aashiem (Lennox) (Fall 3:52); Cons. Round 1 - Jack Aashiem (Lennox) received a bye; Cons. Semis - Eliot Ellenbecker (Sioux Falls Lincoln) over Jack Aashiem (Lennox) (Fall 3:41); 5th Place Match - Jack Aashiem (Lennox) over Devin Steckelberg (Vermillion) (Fall 1:57)

138—Lincoln Ford: Quarterfinals - Alex Mentzer (Brandon Valley) over Lincoln Ford (Lennox) (Fall 0:20); Cons. Round 1 - Shayce Platt (Yankton) over Lincoln Ford (Lennox) (Fall 2:27)

152— Cian Smith: Quarterfinals - Logan O`Connor (Harrisburg) over Cian Smith (Lennox) (Fall 1:28); Cons. Round 1 - Chase Howe (Yankton) over Cian Smith (Lennox) (Fall 0:46)

170—Ethan Schroeder: Champ. Round 1 - Ethan Schroeder (Lennox) received a bye; Quarterfinals - Ethan Schroeder (Lennox) over Asa Swenson (Yankton) (Dec 5-4); Semifinals - Lucas Slack (Brandon Valley) over Ethan Schroeder (Lennox) (Fall 0:45); Cons. Semis - Joseph Tunge (Sioux Falls Lincoln) over Ethan Schroeder (Lennox) (Dec 10-5); 5th Place Match - Asa Swenson (Yankton) over Ethan Schroeder (Lennox) (Fall 2:01)

182—Triston Butler: Quarterfinals - Elijah Schunke (Brandon Valley) over Triston Butler (Lennox) (Fall 1:34); Cons. Round 1 - Triston Butler (Lennox) received a bye; Cons. Semis - Brandon Simunek (Harrisburg) over Triston Butler (Lennox) (Fall 2:39); 5th Place Match - Hayes Petersen (Sioux Falls Washington) over Triston Butler (Lennox) (Dec 16-11)

220—Nate Haar: Champ. Round 1 - Nate Haar (Lennox) received a bye; Quarterfinals - Edly Amaro (Yankton) over Nate Haar (Lennox) (Fall 1:44); Cons. Round 2 - Nate Haar (Lennox) received a bye; Cons. Round 3 - Nate Haar (Lennox) over Samson Do (Dakota Valley) (Fall 4:38); Cons. Semis - Aaron Larson (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) over Nate Haar (Lennox) (Fall 3:24); 5th Place Match - DelVoun Spears-Witte (Brandon Valley) over Nate Haar (Lennox) (Fall 1:42)

285—Hayden Herlyn: Quarterfinals - Hayden Herlyn (Lennox) over Alex Jensen (Beresford/Alcester-Hudson) (SV-1 3-1); Semifinals - Navarro Schunke (Brandon Valley) over Hayden Herlyn (Lennox) (Fall 0:53); Cons. Semis - Hayden Herlyn (Lennox) over Derrick Biel (Yankton) (Fall 2:08); 3rd Place Match - Elliott Renville (Sioux Falls Lincoln) over Hayden Herlyn (Lennox) (Fall 0:45)


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