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Online business hopes to share God’s message through clothing

Amanda Witchow has always believed in God but never truly understood just how powerful the messages could be until she was 18, when she read the Bible for herself.

Once she truly understood the gospel, “her life was forever changed.”

Witchow has taken her faith and created a business to help others feel beautiful in their own skin and remind them of God’s messages and promises to them. Her business, Truth & Hope Co., is an online clothing store in which the clothes feature messages or scriptures from the Bible.

The business has always been something that Witchow wanted to start. She designed t-shirts from a young age and continue to add to her skill set when she graduated college with a Graphic Design degree. She still enjoys adding to her knowledge of design art, typography and more, all of which only enhance her business.

Prior to Truth & Hope Co., Witchow owned and operated another small shop on Etsy. While she enjoyed that, she still felt the calling to narrow down what she was selling. She wanted to focus more on making a difference in the world by using the passions and talents God had given her. She wanted to use her Christian clothing to help point others to Jesus.

Truth & Hope Co. was started in August 2021 just before Amanda and her husband moved to Lennox with their German Shepard. When she isn’t running her business Witchow is coaching fitness classes.

Since starting her second business, Witchow said the best part of owning the business is getting to hear customer stories — the stories of how the clothing brings her customers hope and comfort during difficult times.

Witchow stated that she loves that, “this is more than just a clothing company, it’s a way to spread hope in Jesus and His word,” she said.

Currently the company offers unisex fit long-sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirts and faith based wall art that you can print yourself at home. There are over 100 shirt designs with the hope of adding more products in the future for customers to choose from.

If anyone is interested in any of Witchow’s products you can find her at or you can google TruthandHopeCo, all one word, and it will be the first site that comes up on your search. You can also follow the company on Instagram @TruthandHopeCo.


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