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Meet the Lennox School Bus Drivers: Pat Sees

For many rural residents in the Lennox School District, parents send their kids off to school every morning on the bus. Families trust that every day the team of bus drivers for the Lennox School District will take care of the students as they transport them to school.

In this series, The Lennox Independent will feature bus drivers in the Lennox School District, giving the community and parents a chance to get to know the staff who drive the District’s children to school every day.

Each bus driver is as unique as the route they drive, and this couldn’t be more true for Pat Sees. Sees is currently in his first year as a full-time bus driver for the District, however he is no stranger to those in the high school. Many of the students and staff in the high school know Sees because he also teaches physics, physical science and earth science. This is Sees second year teaching in Lennox. He came from Centerville prior to making the move to Lennox. Sees helped with football, track and was in Centerville for 16 years. Sees is set to help with football in Lennox next season as well.

Sees attended Dakota State University where he studied Biology Education and received his Masters in Natural Science. Sees is married to his wife Kim.

Each bus driver has their favorite part of driving the bus and for Sees the best part of driving the bus is “getting to know the kids before they get to his classroom.”

This is a great way to interact with the students while they grow up before they reach the high school and start taking his classes. He gets to see the kids every day before and after school and gets to learn new kid’s names that he wouldn’t know if he didn’t drive the bus.

If Sees could tell people one thing about driving that people might not know, it would be that it is stressful to begin and when you add unfavorable weather conditions, it makes it even more stressful. He would like people to keep in mind that when the conditions are not good that it is even harder for the bus drivers than what it might seem. So, if the other drivers could give the bus drivers a little more grace during the not so nice weather conditions, that would be much appreciated.

When Sees isn’t driving bus or teaching students he likes to be outside. Sees’ hobbies include playing softball and golf, camping and wood working.

Sees currently drives the route north of Chancellor and is happy that he made the switch from being only a substitute driver last year to a full-time bus driver this year. It gives Sees another chance to interact with the students in the district and to become part of the community in a different way.

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