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Mayor West declares state of emergency; Lennox Council passes ordinance restricting businesses

At Monday night’s Lennox City Council meeting, the City Council passed a second reading of an ordinance that would restrict most businesses to no more than ten individuals in a building at a time. The restrictions will go into place Wednesday night, as that would be 48 hours after Mayor Tracy West deemed it necessary to take emergency action. He declared the State of Emergency during Monday night’s meeting. The ordinance can be found on page 9 of this week’s paper.

It was noted Monday night that the draft that passed the second reading did not include Religious Institutions. City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats said he has spoken to area churches and felt all would stay within compliance of the CDC recommendations and limit themselves to no more than 10 people in the establishment at any one time.

Also during Monday night’s meeting, Council discussed changing the April 14 city election but without direction from State Legislators in Pierre opted to leave it as is, stating that due to COVID-19 precautions absentee voting is highly encouraged.

Running for Mayor will be Tracy West, Greg Poppenga and Stacy DuChene.

Billy Welch will run up-opposed for Ward 1.

Brett Wynja and Bill Daughtery will be running for Ward 2.

Chad Reilly, John Fischer and Bobbi Jo Wendt will be running for Ward 3.

Absentee request forms have been mailed out to every registered voter. Sample ballets can be viewed on the city website and will appear in next week’s Lennox Independent.

Council approved the South Dakota Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network (SD WARN) Mutual Aid Agreement. The agreement provides that Water and Wastewater Utilities may contract with each other to provide services.

The next council meeting will take place Monday, April 6. All meetings are live streamed on YouTube, find link at


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