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Mayor Duchene proclaims National Library Week in Lennox

Mayor Stacey DuChene opened Monday night’s meeting by reading a Mayoral Proclamation honoring National Library Week April 4 - 10, 2021. Although a little past the actual event, Mayor Duchene touted the benefits and services the Library adds to the community.

Mayor DuChene said, “I encourage all residents to visit the Lennox Community Library this week and all weeks to explore your Lennox Community Library and engage with your librarians.”

Lennox City Librarian Audrea Buller and Becky Beringer President of the Library Board, were present to accept the certificate. Beringer offered her appreciation to Audrea and her team for their creativity and hard work over the unusual past year.

Randy Dump with D&D Small Engine Repair and Sales of Lennox, spoke to the council during the visitors to be heard portion expressing his frustration that the city did not purchase local for their equipment.

The consent agenda was approved which included the meetings of the March 22 council meeting, the claims as presented, and reports from the city administrator, city engineer, and finance officer.

With no old business to address Council heard from Terry Fluit, Lincoln County Highway Superintendent, regarding the Cleveland Avenue Bridge. Lincoln County has identified the bridge over Long Creek on Cleveland Street for replacement in the coming year(s), and the County has requested a cost-sharing arrangement with the City of Lennox.

Fluit explained that they have the structure type chosen. Lincoln County proposes replacing this bridge with four 48’ cast-in-place box culverts that can handle both the traffic load and the flow of Long Creek. The structure will shift slightly to the South.

City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats had expressed to Fluit that the City of Lennox would eventually expand the existing Multi-Use Trail to cross Long Creek at that location, and that if the bridge were to be replaced, the City would request extra width to accommodate such a pedestrian crossing.

The proposal presented by Fluit Monday night included the additional width for a walking path, and carried a price tag of $558,000 as the estimated preliminary cost. Fluit suggested the City be responsible for 20% of the project with a $100,000 maximum, as that has been an agreed percentage on other projects with townships. Lincoln County has in the past partnered with other taxing jurisdictions to share in the costs of bridge replacements.

“Given the location of Koyker Manufacturing within the municipal boundary, and given the inclusion of a pedestrian bridge at this location, I believe the City would be well-served to pursue such a cost sharing agreement for this project,” said Vander Plaats.

Council authorized the City Administrator to negotiate a cost sharing agreement with Lincoln County for the Cleveland Street crossing of Long Creek.

Asphalt Surfacing Technologies was awarded the 2021 Slurry Seal Project with a low bid of $73,713.45.

Council also authorized the City Administrator to execute an agreement with Colliers International. Lennox staff has secured Colliers International to perform as a placement agent for the City’s issuance of Sales Tax Revenue Bonds Series 2021

Council approved the Park Board resignation of Britney Mower, as she had turned in a petition for the Lennox City Council Ward 1 seat and will begin serving on the Lennox Council soon.

Under employment, the City of Lennox hired Jenaka DeCou as a lifeguard at the swimming pool.

No executive session was called and council adjourned.

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