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Maple Drip coffee shop opens in Lennox

Ask and you shall receive. The community spoke and brothers Devin and Jerren Saxon delivered just what was needed by bringing Maple Drip to Lennox, South Dakota. For a long time, community members have asked for a coffee shop, among many other things to make our community better. While some community members might start looking at different buildings in town, that won’t be the place you find the Saxon brothers. The brothers created a custom trailer to serve their novelty coffee and specialized brunch menu out of.

Customers can come to expect a unique experience when they try Maple Drip for the first time. The brothers have all of their coffee beans imported from Costa Rica and they roast them fresh in-house. If coffee isn’t your thing, you can still frequent the Maple Drip for their unique menu of brunch items. Among the items you can find on the menu are rolls, pulled pork sandwiches (referred to as a fatty), burritos and the breakfast classic of biscuits and gravy.

While the brothers have only been open a few weeks, the community has rallied around the new business. The second weekend in business the brothers were so busy that they sold out of food just a few hours after opening. Along with local residents supporting the new coffee hot spot, businesses in town are lending a hand to make sure this new business sticks around. To kick start their first few weeks, one local business donated $100 credit to be used by local residents. Active Faith Chiropractic was the first to donate to help support the business. The Lennox Fire Department also donated another $75 in credit to the business.

With the overwhelming support of the community the Saxon Brothers are off to a great start in the first few weeks of business and their future looks promising as they continue to impress the community with their new business on wheels.

At right: Maple Drip sits on the corner of Main and Sixth Ave. in Lennox.


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