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Making a splash this summer

Lennox swimming pool welcomes new staff

School is out and the pool has officially opened for the summer. Area youth and adults alike are able to enjoy the Lennox Swimming Pool as of Saturday, May 22. The pool might not be brand new this year, but it does have some new staff who are looking forward to making this year even better than last.

The pool has both new managers and lifeguards for the 2021 swimming season. The new pool manager is Brittany Klinger. If that name sounds familiar, it could be because Brittany also works for the Lennox School District. Klinger is excited to join the pool staff this season along with her assistant pool manager Bridget Jackson. Jackson has also worked for the Lennox School District as well. Having both Klinger and Jackson as managers at the pool will add a much needed adult presence daily in the pool house. Both Klinger and Jackson will be easy to find as they will have on their blue Lennox pool shirts.

Along with two new managers are a handful of new lifeguards including Hailey Johnke, Teague Granum, Ryan Benning, Ashlee Sweeter, Steven Christion and Kate Jackson.

Along with new faces, swimmers can expect to see a few familiar faces in the returning lifeguards including Andrew Daugherty, Drew Kuyper, Kylie Hoverson, Abby Lackas, Jenaka DeCou, Callie Luke and Kaytlyn Hilligas.

During a normal day patrons can expect to see 5-6 lifeguards on duty at the pool at a time, with the number of guards on the deck depending on the number of swimmers in the pool. Along with their duties of supervising swimmers, the lifeguards will all be helping with swimming lessons this summer. Hoverson, Lackas and Kuyper are the water instructors who will be leading swimming lessons this summer. According to both Jackson and Klinger, all swimming lesson levels and sessions are full for this season.

The pool is open Sunday through Monday 12-9 p.m., with Open Swim being from 12-5, Family Swim from 5-7(Must have a family member that’s 18 and older with during family swim), Evening Swim 7-8, and Water Walking 8-9.

You can still purchase season passes at the pool. The cost is $100 for a family pass and $50 for a single season pass. Daily passes are available as well for $3 for a child, $4 for seniors and $5 for adults.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the pool at (605) 647-2286.


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