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Local hunter enters photo contest

Andrew Nielson, of Lennox, not only shot his limit during a hunting expedition with his friends, but also shot a photograph he is hoping will win him a spot on the Delta Waterfowl Ducks Over Decoy calendar.

Nielson and seven of his friends, all of whom have day jobs, prepared for the hunt during the weekend.

“We had scouted this field out a couple days prior and there had been about a 1,000 ducks feeding in the field so we knew it would be a great hunt,” said Nielson.

When the time came to hunt, the hunters arrived at the location early and got all set up hours before sunrise to be ready.

Before legal shooting hours, the ducks put on a great display for the hunters. Nielson, being an amateur photographer, got to work capturing the show put on by the ducks.

“I had a beginner mistake and only grabbed 1 CF card and unfortunately it was full after a few clicks,” said Nielson.

“So I had to quickly run back to the pickup and grab an empty CF card but I was lucky enough to get back to my blind that was set up about 20 yard back to still be there to capture the show.”

Nielson had captured the perfect photo he titled “Sunshine Mallards” and entered into the Delta Waterfowl Ducks Over Decoys Photo Contest. Photos are voted on by the public, with voting running until Feb. 15. Each person can vote once per day.

Nielson is happy with the opportunity he was given that day as a hunter and a photographer.

“We had many flocks coming into the spread of Dakota Decoy full body mallards and Lucky Duck spinners, but this flock came in perfectly centered right in front of the blinds to give everyone a great opportunity to harvest some mallards,” said Nielson. “The morning ended with full limits and the photo that I entered into the Ducks over Decoys magazine contest.”

To view Nielson’s entry in the Ducks Over Decoys contest, visit, go to the Get Involved tab and select the Ducks Over Decoys Photo Contest.

Delta Waterfowl is The Duck Hunters Organization, a leading conservation group founded at the famed Delta Marsh in Manitoba, with its U.S. Headquarters in Bismarck, North Dakota. We work to produce ducks through intensive management programs and conservation of breeding duck habitat. Delta conducts vital waterfowl research, and promotes and protects the continuing tradition of waterfowl hunting in North America.

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