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Library usage up according to reports

By Jennifer Harms

The Lennox City Council met Monday, November 28 at 7 p.m. in the Lennox City Board room.

Discussion was held during the wastewater report.

A battle the utilities department is dealing with is unflushable things in the sewer lines.

“It’s a battle going on in every city in the country. Products that shouldn’t be flushed or sent through the system can make more strain on the system and the pumps can be cut with more public education,” said Kyle Ramynke.

The council agreed to do more public education on their social media accounts as well as make a flyer for residents.

The Council also discussed library usage.

The Lennox Community Library is trending up in usage according to reports. The 2021 numbers across the state showed that the Lennox library had some of the best records throughout South Dakota. Grant proposals are in the works for an upcoming meeting and the Library has many plans to bring to the council.

A discussion was held regarding the Investment Policy.

City finance officer, Denise Hanson asked the council to consider allowing reserve funds to be placed in money market accounts to increase the amount of interest received on them.

“We will move $970,000 into cd’s to get a $30-35,000 return on our investment in 13 months,” said City Administrator, Nate VanderPlaats.

Proceeds of the investment will be rolled into water and sewer and the general fund for the council to decide where it will be best used. Motion approved.


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