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LHS graduate starts mobile pet grooming business

The pet industry has grown over the past decade as more and more Americans pamper their four-legged friends. For one recent Lennox High School graduate, that has meant a new business venture.

Maisey Bainbridge opened Doggy Style Mobile Grooming in January of this year. Her mobile grooming business means that she drives to the client’s location and grooms the family’s furry friend in her salon on wheels.

“I started grooming classes a year ago,” Bainbridge said. “After that, I did an internship with a mobile groomer in Sioux Falls. I was able to ride along with her and practice grooming with her.”

That experience opened her eyes to the possibility of having her own business.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with dogs,” she said. “A friend actually brought up the mobile idea to me and I started looking into it. I really liked the idea of not being tied down to a certain location or place.”

Bainbridge said it was important for her to work for herself and she knew that there was a high demand for dogs to be groomed. Right now she provides her services to Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.

“I offer full bath and full groom services. I also offer individual services such as nail trimming if they don’t want a full service,” Bainbridge said.

A full groom includes anal glands, bath, fluff dry, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, paw pad trim, nail trim, full cut, and finishing bow/tie. A full bath includes anal glands, bath, fluff dry, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, paw pad trim, nail trim, and finishing bow/tie.

“I take my mobile spa on wheels right to the customer’s location,” Bainbridge said. “I get their pup from inside the home and return him/her right when I’m done. I like mobile because there is no cage drying, no exposure to other animals, and no kenneling. It is a one on one service which I love because I get to spend quality time with each animal.”

She is hoping to end up with a full schedule of regular customers.

“Dogs enjoy being groomed a lot more when they are used to the same groomer and experience,” she said.

As she has just started her business, she said the best part has been the support from all of her family and friends.

“Lennox has been especially amazing to me because so many people have reached out and made appointments with me and helped me get started,” she said.

The other important person she credits with her early success is her dad, Brent Bainbridge.

“Many times he has stopped whatever he’s doing to come to help me no matter what location I am at,” she said. “He’s the best handyman, problem solver, and overall Dad I could have asked for.”

As she looks to establish herself, clients can reach out to Bainbridge at 605-214-3145.

“I really love what I am doing. It doesn’t feel like work to me and that’s the best feeling from starting this business so far,” she added.


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