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Lennox to advertise lead medic positions

Lennox City Council held their first meeting of the month on March 8th.

After approval of the agenda, and with no visitors to be heard they got right to business, approving the consent agenda.

Under old business, Council approved a dispatch agreement with Lincoln County.

Council then looked again at the Ambulance staff proposal. Council approved the job description and to advertise and interview for two lead medic positions. These two positions would be expected to step up when the director would take vacation, to fill the needed shifts and ensure coverage for calls.

Council approved the second reading of Ordinance 620: Amending Chapter 8.0101 Utility Service Application. As noted at the February 8, 2020 City Council Meeting, the City of Lennox currently refunds utility deposits for property owners upon 12 months of payments. Unfortunately, this practice can result in some final bills going unpaid at a loss to the City. This ordinance clarifies that the deposit is only refundable after all charges have been paid.

Under new business, City Engineer Mitch Mergen of Stockwell Engineers presented proposals for two street projects. Both proposals ended up being tabled after discussion about pricing and scope.

The Pending - 2021 Street Improvement Proposal by Stockwell Engineering included engineering services for two street improvement projects for 2021, South Main Street (south of SD Highway 44) and the Ash Street project. City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats stated Ash Street is the only gravel street he is proposing the City pave this year. He clarified, stating that other streets are good candidates for this work, but given the associated utility needs on those projects, doing so this year is not feasible (these projects are included on the draft 2021-2030 Capital Improvements Plan).

The other engineering proposal tabled was to start design elements on Boynton Avenue. In general, the project consists of survey and schematic design to improve roadway and utility infrastructure along Boynton Avenue.

Council approved moving forward with hiring an economic development professional. This will be a shared position through Sioux Metro Growth Alliance (SMGO, formerly known as Lincoln County Economic Development Association, LCEDA). This option is the original proposal from LCEDA.

In which LCEDA would recruit and hire an individual to task to two communities to bring down the shared cost. SMGA would be the employer of record, and the individual would report to Executive Director Jesse Fonkert.

Vander Plaats said that this idea was brought up several months ago, the City Council and LADC Board expressed a desire to move forward with crafting an economic development strategy. Shortly after, Fonkert proposed employing an economic development professional that is then shared between Lennox and one other community. The LADC board supported this idea, and pledged $30,000 to the position. The City of Lennox will be responsible for funding up to $8500 for the position.

Council approved Resolution 2021-03-08-01: Amended Fee and Fine Schedule, all of the current fees and fines can be viewed below.

Resolution 2021-03-08-01 - Amended Sched
Download • 130KB

Council also approved the application for a National Highway Traffic Safety Grant for the Lennox Police Department.

Council also repealed the mask requirements for city buildings/staff.

The next meeting for the Lennox City Council will be March 22 at 7 p.m. All meetings are live-streamed on the city’s YouTube channel, link can be found at


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