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Lennox School District discusses graduation

By Anne Homan

On Monday, Apr. 13 the Lennox School District Board of Education held their monthly meeting via teleconferencing.

All board members were present as the meeting opened with a public hearing on the minor boundary change with Sioux Falls.

“Almost over a year ago I was approached and notified that a developer in Sioux Falls was going to develop about 400 acres of land in Sioux Falls, which would bring about 1600 homes over the course of that build,” explained Superintendent Chad Conaway. With the increase in residential structures, the Lennox School District enrollment would likely double over time.

The land, located north of 41st Street, south of 266th Street and east of Wayne Avenue, is currently in the Lennox School District. Conaway said that currently the District receives less than 20 students from that area but noted as it continues to grow, the District would be responsible to provide education for those students.

Conaway said the District brought a committee together to decide how to handle the potential growth. Ultimately, it was determined a bond would have to be passed at some point to build a school in that area. The committee didn’t feel like that was the best route, so the minor boundary change was pursued.

Conaway noted that the tax sharing agreement with Sioux Falls consists of the Lennox School District getting 100 percent of the taxes on that land until developing starts. Once developing starts, Lennox would lose 10 percent every two years until it became zero.

The Board opened it up for public comment but no one from the public spoke on the matter.

Later in the meeting the board approved the Minor Boundary Change with Sioux Falls. Conaway noted that once the board members sign the resolution they will have 30 days to see if it is challenged before it goes before the county commission for final approval.

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