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Lennox resident joins the work from home forces

By Crystal Dickelman

Working from home positions are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, especially since the pandemic began. For some careers working from home was not even an option until recently. One Lennox resident has been given the opportunity to continue to do what she loves and work from home as a nurse.

Loetitia Grieve, a mother of three, wife and resident of Lennox for the last 12 years, has been able to make the transition to working at home. Grieve started working in the healthcare field back in 2002 as a dietary aide in high school. She then became a certified nursing assistant during college and is currently a Registered Nurse.

Grieve is now using her nursing license to work for Medcor, a company with clinics worldwide with on-the-job sites, production studios, and telephonic triage services. Grieve is currently one of around sixty nurses on during a shift who assist patients with a variety of needs.

A typical day for Grieve includes taking her children to school and daycare. She then returns home and logs into her computer program, where she has calls waiting for her to respond to already. During her breaks she is able to do small chores around the house and pick up her oldest two from school. When on the phone with a patient, she goes over their injuries with them in detail. She is able to intake all their vital information, assess and prioritize their injuries. She is able to rule out any life threatening injuries and then directs them to the correct level of care. She is also able to give them a referral if needed.

Before she made the transition to working at home, Grieve worked in a variety of different healthcare areas. These have included a clinic setting, pediatrics, diabetes educator, urology and long term care. She wasn’t sure when making the transition how her skills would be utilized over the phone and not by sight or touch.

Grieve stated, “That’s probably the best part though of this position, I can play detective; ask all the questions that, without my eyes and hands, I’m not able to get.”

This type of nursing definitely helps Grieve keep her skills sharp and makes her think outside the box. She has to be able to ask someone with no medical training the right questions to get the answers she needs to be able to help them. While not being able to see her patients is interesting, it is also one of the most challenging parts of the job. She misses being able to connect with people face to face.

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