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Lennox postmaster brings wealth of experience

Although young, Lennox has a well-seasoned postal worker as their newest Postmaster. Laura Breuer began work as the Lennox Postmaster this past July. The Sioux Falls native knew all about the postal service as a young girl; her dad retired from the postal system. So it seemed a natural fit for her, too. She worked at the Brookings Post Office while a student at SDSU and has been with the post office for the past 21 years.

She’s worked all over—12 years in the Distribution Center, as a City Carrier, a clerk in a small office and Postmaster at Sioux Center, IA before coming to the District office in Sioux Falls. While there, she traveled a lot throughout South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana, managing data and doing route inspections.

When the job of Lennox Postmaster came open, Breuer applied.

“Lennox was my top choice,” she said. “Especially after I visited Lennox and saw how nice of a community it was.”

Although she is used to city-life in Sioux Falls, she also was attracted to small-town living and Lennox’s proximity to Sioux Falls.

Breuer has really enjoyed getting to know the Lennox community and the people she works with.

“I enjoy the employees here,” she said. “They haven’t had a Postmaster in awhile—I think they are happy to have someone who will listen to them.”

She really understands their problems. Because she has experience with so many jobs through-out the postal system, it has made her a well-rounded postal employee, and enables her to connect with her co-workers.

“I think that helps a lot in being a postmaster,” Breuer said. “In a small office, you all have to work together.”

The biggest challenge that is facing Breuer is getting people hired.

Besides the Lennox office, Breuer is also responsible for the Worthing, Chancellor and Davis offices. She has gotten clerks hired for the offices and they are currently in training.

The big hiring need now is for route drivers. She said it’s been three years since they have hired a route substitute and now they need three of them. Current route drivers are Danny Smit, Wendell Buus, Lee Murtha and Dan Steever.

“Hopefully, we can get some people hired so they won’t be overworked,” Breuer said.

If you are interested in the position and would like some more information, you can contact Breuer at the Lennox Post Office.

“The best thing about working for the postal system is you can work in a post office anywhere,” added Breuer.


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