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Lennox native starts flavored popcorn company —Salty Pop

A chance stop on vacation five years ago led to the beginning of a popcorn business.

Lennox native Heidi DeWitt, daughter of Alan and Brenda Ratliff, and her family discovered flavored popcorn and decided to bring it home to South Dakota.

“Over the course of the years, we had ideas but the timing was never right. Then last summer my daughter was like ‘let’s just do it’. She was 18 and she didn’t quite know what direction to go,” DeWitt said.

Over the course of six or seven months of experimenting with flavors, they were ready to roll. They ordered in their popcorn seed and began to sell popcorn, popcorn balls and taffy.

Some of their flavors include caramel, salt, kettle, white cheddar, white chocolate lemoncello and their biggest seller, cookies and cream.

Their family of eight plays a part in the business. DeWitt and her husband, Will, help out and her oldest daughter, Morgan, manages it. Carter and Camden do most of the popping and the youngest three Adalynn, Emmett and Elliot help in various ways.

Find Salty Pop at, on Facebook and Instagram. Salty Pop can also be found at stores in Sioux Falls like Stensland Family Farms, Plum’s Cooking Downtown and Look’s Meat Market. They also deliver in the Sioux Falls area.


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