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Lennox Community Library receives grant from LACF

The Lennox Community Library received a grant in the amount of $1,000 from the Lennox Area Community Foundation. 

The funds will be used toward the purchase of a Promethean Board which is a large scale, interactive device that can be used for education and entertainment. 

“We intend on using our Promethean Board like a large scale mobile SmartBoard. There’s live screen sharing and lesson recording, and so much more. It has great connectivity, simplicity, and security. We imagine an opportunity to live stream things like local legislation days, major historical events, and national and worldwide events in real time,” stated Audrea Buller, Director of the Lennox Community Library. “We are looking at a Promethean board that is on a stand so that we can use it for advertising during events/open houses. And to more be more flexible with where we can show things. For example use it in the early childhood area for story time,” Buller continued. 

LACF’s 2023 grants have been awarded to 12 recipients, they include: Lennox Historical Society, Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Lincoln County 4H, Love, Inc., Worthing Fire Department, Chancellor Fire Department, Lennox Library, Junior Achievement, Petal Pals, Lennox Ambulance, Lennox Historical Society, and Lennox Fire Department.

The LACF is a charitable endowment working to strengthen the vibrancy of the Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing communities. 

Thanks to the support of generous donors and through the power of endorsement, the LACF has awarded hundreds of meaningful grants to nonprofits and causes throughout the Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing areas since 2004. To make a donation visit

Every gift, large or small, helps to increase the fund balance and allows the LACF to continue to give grants to local organizations like the Worthing Fire Department. Grant applications are due every year at the beginning of August. Organizations in Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing are encouraged to submit applications by that deadline. 


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