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Lennox Commercial Club donates to local food pantry

Lennox Commercial Club made a $1,100 donation to the local food pantry — The Exchange. Sunshine Foods owner Todd Shuman of the Lennox Commercial Club said the club was happy to help out the local food pantry.

Gail Strasser with the Exchange said that the donation is appreciated.

“We’re very grateful for what the Commercial Club has done,” said Strasser, “It helps provide items for our freezer — especially meat, cheese, margarine, and bread.”

She added that every contribution makes a difference.

“We also appreciate contributions that single people make, or organizations and churches,” Strasser said. “The schools have been fabulous, and the care people take with giving, and what they bring during the seasons is remarkable.”

She said that someone brought in a chili kit — that included all the fixings for chili, and a high school student brought a birthday kit, in which they included paper plates, cake mix, frosting, candles, and even a foil pan.

The Exchange is located in the east end of Lennox Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. Check the Lennox Ebenezer Church news on page 6 for hours or call 605-647-2659.

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