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Lennox Area Museum receives grants from LACF

The Lennox Area Museum is well known in the community, located at 305 South Main St, Lennox. The 100 year old museum building houses unique exhibits and information that helps to preserve and illustrate the history of the community.

This is all done thanks to those who are on the Lennox Historical Society. Recently the Historical Society was awarded two grants by the Lennox Area Community Fund (LACF).

The Historical Society received a $1,000 grant for new signage on both north and south of the current sign.

The Lennox Area Museum sign in front of the building was installed in 2010. It tastefully calls the attention of passers-by to the presence of a museum on Main Street. Thirteen years of South Dakota weather have exacerbated the damage of minor vandalism to the sign and the panels now need to be replaced; fortunately, the posts are still in good condition. A flagpole is mounted next to the sign and this, too, is still in useable condition. Without this sign, it is difficult to recognize the building as a museum. It was built as a hospital in 1915 and resembles many of the other older homes in town. The sign designates that this “house” is something special. It is hoped that the new sign can be installed before the start of next year’s visits, Spring 2024.

The Society also received a grant in the amount of $250 which will be used for the membership fee in the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

This membership enables the Historical Society to apply for other grants, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has grants that are substantially larger. It is helpful in making the local museum aware of good museum practices as well as other projects they could pursue.

LACF’s 2023 grants have been awarded to 12 recipients, they include: Lennox Historical Society, Lincoln County Fairgrounds, Lincoln County 4H, Love, Inc., Worthing Fire Department, Chancellor Fire Department, Lennox Library, Junior Achievement, Petal Pals, Lennox Ambulance, Lennox Historical Society, and Lennox Fire Department.

The LACF is a charitable endowment working to strengthen the vibrancy of the Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing communities.

Thanks to the support of generous donors and through the power of endorsement, the LACF has awarded hundreds of meaningful grants to nonprofits and causes throughout the Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing areas since 2004. To make a donation visit

Every gift, large or small, helps to increase the fund balance and allows the LACF to continue to give grants to local organizations like the Worthing Fire Department. Grant applications are due every year at the beginning of August. Organizations in Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing are encouraged to mark the date on their calendars and submit applications by that deadline.

Watch next week’s paper for more grants awarded by the LACF.


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