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Lennox 7th grader takes second in national poster contest

In a remarkable achievement, a talented seventh grader from the Lennox School District has emerged as one of the top ten winners of the prestigious national “Kids Safe Online” competition. Maliyah Hofer was recently recognized for her exceptional artwork that effectively portrays the dangers children face in the online realm, earning her second place in the national contest.

Out of hundreds of submissions, Hofer’s artwork stood out and caught the attention of the Center for Internet Security, who handpicked her creation to be transformed into an impactful poster.

The poster featuring Hofer’s artwork will be prominently displayed and promoted by the Center for Internet Security. Additionally, it will find its place in the much-anticipated 2024 Kids Safe Online activity book. This activity book is an invaluable resource that will be utilized by schools nationwide to educate students about the various online dangers they may encounter, such as cyberbullying and unwanted contact from strangers.

Karen Sorady, the Vice President of Member Engagement at the Center for Internet Security, emphasized the importance of empowering students to protect themselves in the digital age. With children of all ages frequently connected to a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, school laptops, and gaming systems, it is crucial to educate them on making informed decisions and safeguarding their personal information.

“The Kids Safe Online poster contest is a terrific way to not only educate our kids about making smart choices and protecting their personal information, but it also empowers them to identify and report potential online dangers to keep their friends and communities safer,” stated Karen Sorady.

Hofer’s accomplishment serves as an inspiration to young artists and advocates for online safety everywhere. Her talent, combined with the efforts of the Center for Internet Security, promises to make a lasting impact on children’s understanding of cybersecurity and their ability to navigate the digital world securely. With the collaboration between young talents like Hofer and organizations dedicated to fostering a safer online environment, the future of digital citizenship appears brighter than ever before. Hofer’s winning design is pictured above.


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