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Lenkota Country Club’s waterfall feature restored to former glory

In 2013, Randy and Glenda Fletcher created a beautiful waterfall feature at the Lenkota Country Club, just off of hole 2. The couple painstakingly worked on the feature, hauling in large rocks from Dave Tipton and hand picking the small rocks from around the edge of the Course.

Glenda recalled having her children help her with 5-gallon buckets as they would gather rocks for the riverbed that flowed into the pond.

It was a labor of love. Arlyn Weeldreyer helped the Fletchers with the project along with Joel Begeman who helped position the huge, heavy rocks with his skid loader.

The area was beautified with plants and flowers that the Fletchers personally picked out and planted.

The feature created a beautiful ambiance for golfers but three years after it was created it stopped working. Weeds began to take over and it looked as though the water feature was a thing of the past — until this year.

Current Club Manager, Austin Lueth, got together with his summer grounds crew and talked about what they could do for projects. Dom DeBoer, a senior at Lennox High School and a summer grounds crew member at Lenkota, suggested bringing the waterfall back to life.

“We were sitting around deciding what we wanted to do,” said Lueth, “And once they brought up the waterfall, we knew that was it.”

The crew worked for days and weeks pulling all the weeds and getting the waterfall working again — restoring the feature to its former glory.

Once finished they invited the Fletchers out to see the finished project.

“They were proud of what they accomplished,” said Lueth. “And the Fletchers were happy to see it running once again.”

After seven years, the Fletchers thought it was a “doner” but thanks to the efforts of grounds crew the waterfall is once again a beautiful water feature that can be enjoyed at the course.

Lueth, who has served on the Lenkota Country Club board for three years, has only been at the helm of Club Manager for a little over a month.

But Randy Fletcher pointed out, “He is a go-getter”.

The Fletchers were happy with Lueth’s ambition in brining this feature back to what it once was.

Located on the west edge of Lennox, the Lenkota Country Club provides area golfers with a 9-hole course.

The Course was established in 1968 with Joe Hofer handling much of the construction. Prior to the construction of the Lenkota Country Club, a sand greens course was located near where the cemetery is currently located.

Lenkota is open from 8 a.m. to dark on weekdays and 7 a.m. to dark on weekends.


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