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Hofer honored with Veterans Quilt

The Prairie Threads Quilt Guild has been making quilts to gift to Veterans as a “Thank you” for their service. The Guild gifted quilts to Veterans from the Alcester, Canton, Hudson, Harrisburg, and Lennox areas. Verlyn Hofer was the recipient from the Lennox area. Hofer received his quilt on Nov. 18. Family and friends attended the presentation.

“We would like to thank him for his service with our gift of a Veteran’s quilt,” said Yvonne Severson member of the Prairie Threads Quilt Guild.

Hofer was drafted into the United States Army and received his notification on his 19th birthday June 6, 1944.

He served with the 62nd Armored Infantry Battalion of the 14th Armored Division in 1944 and 1945 during WWII.

Hofer was an Infantry man with the tank division who served as part of the reinforcement troops sent to fill in after the Battle of the Bulge. He was wounded on March 23, 1945 and after surgeries spent 8 months in rehab at several locations.

Hofer was awarded by the French government the French Legion of Honor Medal which bestowed onto him recognition as a “Knight in the Legion of Honor” for his role in liberating France. The nickname for the 14th Armored Division was “The Liberators”. They liberated several concentration camps such as Dachau during their push into Germany. He was also awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service by the United States government.

Hofer was honorably discharged as a PFC from the United States Army in 1945.


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