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Historic quilt returns to Lennox for 40th anniversary of Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration

The Spring of 1984 brought about the beginnings of the Lennox Old Fashioned 4th of July. Marty Stake, a member of St. Magdalen Catholic Church remembered the special all-day celebrations of her childhood in Oklahoma. Could this be a possibility for the Lennox community? Marty took her idea to the Altar Society, a women’s group within the parish. After much discussion, her idea received their blessing. The planning and hard work began. Marty headed up the Committee along with members Becky Hofer, Linda Reiners, and Tonya Ringen. The whole parish pulled together wherever the need was to create this successful endeavor. 

One of the projects undertaken from this first event was the making of a patriotic quilt. The idea was chosen as a way to represent all the churches in Worthing, Chancellor, Lennox, and Tea. These four communities made up the Lennox  School District at the time. Each of the 17 churches were sent a block to depict something special about their church. It was very exciting to receive these beautiful completed blocks. They were all incorporated in the quilt which was to be raffled on the Fourth of July. Several veteran quilters from St. Magdalen’s hand quilted the entire quilt. A drawing was held and the winner was Bruce Hunter, a member of St. Magdalen Catholic Church along with his parents Clare and Arlene Hunter. As time passed, the Hunters moved to Kentucky along with the quilt. 

This spring, Kristine Shaffer, St. Magdalen Office Manager, received a call from Kathleen Hunter Burgher from Frankfort, Kentucky. She was carrying out her late parents’ wishes to return the quilt to Lennox. 

“We are honored to have this treasured piece of history back as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the First Old Fashioned Fourth of July,” said Ringen. 

Unbeknown to the Hunter family, prayers had been said for the quilt’s return over the years.

“Our prayers were answered. It was a miracle,” said Ringen. 

The quilt is pictured at right. The quilt will be displayed at the Community Worship Service in the Park on Sunday, July 7 at 10:30 a.m. at Westerman Park. 

The following list is of the churches that created a quilt block for the Patriotic quilt as noted on each square:

1) La Valley Presbyterian

2) James County First Presbyterian

3) Faith Presbyterian USA

4) Germantown Presbyterian Church

5) Chancellor Baptist Church

6) St. Edward’s Catholic Church, Worthing, SD

7) Worthing Community Christian Church

8) West Prairie Lutheran 

9) St. Magdalen Catholic Church

10) First English Lutheran Church

11) Second Reformed Church

12) Lennox Ebenezer Presybetrian Church PCA

13) Delaware Reformed Chruch

14) Chancellor Reformed Church

15) St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Tea, SD

16) Bethel Reformed, Davis

17) Trinity Lutheran, Tea


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