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Growing a sense of community through gardening

Considering it took 400 days to get started, the Lennox Community Garden had a successful first year.

Organizer Amy Fischer worked tirelessly for over a year, talking to different organizations and working with the City to secure support. Finally, this past year a $500 donation in memory of Lola Steever from Gene and Nancy Kuper gave her the push she needed to get started.

The Lennox Community Garden is located at Westerman Park (near the old football field). The location was chosen because it is away from the majority of park traffic and has a water source nearby. This first year Fischer said there were 12 garden spots utilized, but she hopes to see that number increase next year.

“We started late in the season, but all were full,” she said.

Each gardener is asked to sign and follow a set of guidelines/rules to ensure everyone is able to have a great growing season. Each plot consists of a 6x6 foot area, which each gardener is expected to maintain for the entire season. Water is provided at the site. Some of the guidelines you must follow include: you must plant some flowers to attract insects to pollinate your garden (no sunflower as they shade your neighbors crop). You must control the weeds in your area. You must take your own garbage out of your area, and your garden must stay in your own 6 foot area. Keep in mind vine crops like to go everywhere. There will be a small fee to help cover the cost of tilling, make some signage and make walking paths.

Fischer said what was so neat about this first season was that every person who had a space in the garden was someone she didn’t know before. There was a mom, daughter and a grandson that worked the garden together.

“When I was visiting with the mom, daughter and grandson,” Fischer said, “He looked at me and said, ‘I’m growing French fries’. He was so proud. We called him the potato king.”

Fischer said she talked with the family later and he was able to make French fries!

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