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Elementary addition begins early

By Wendy Sweeter

With the COVID-19 pandemic and students distance learning, the Lennox School District’s addition to the elementary and the demolition of the west wing on the elementary got an early start.

Superintendent Chad Conaway noted that teachers were able to come in over a two-week period to clean out their rooms and pack before some high school students and district employees stacked their supplies on pallets, wrapped them and wheeled them to their new classrooms in the new elementary addition.

“There wasn’t a whole lot good for shutting down school this year, but getting a jump on this was. If we were finishing up the school year we wouldn’t have been done until the 20th and then teachers would’ve worked on the 21st, 22nd packing up rooms and then we would’ve had Memorial Day in there and then four days to get everything out that we wanted out,” Conaway said.

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