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Dr. Elhoff provides Lennox with chiropractic care for 40 years

By Crystal Dickelman

Jeff Elhoff, originally from Coleman, South Dakota started his chiropractic business in Lennox over 40 years ago on January 12, 1981. Dr. Elhoff was originally planning on going into athletic training after working as a student trainer with the athletic department at South Dakota State University, where he obtained his undergraduate degree. Then, because of a chance conversation between Dr. Elhoff and his father’s chiropractor, Dr. Stahl, about being his own boss, Dr. Elhoff chose a different career path. After their conversation, Dr. Elhoff applied to chiropractic school at Northwestern College in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr. Elhoff was approached by two members of the Lennox Development Corporation about setting up his business in Lennox. He looked at the building located at 109 Main Street and the rest was history.

Over the course of the last 40 years Dr. Elhoff has not only built a business but a life here as well, with his wife Pam, and two kids — Justin, who now resides in Houston, Texas and his daughter Sarah Quail of Lennox.

The chiropractic field does have its ups and downs said Dr. Elhoff, the downside being dealing with the insurance companies. The insurance side of patient care has become more complicated as the years have gone on, Dr. Elhoff said. They want to make sure that every patient receives care and has the least amount to pay out of pocket. This can create challenges when dealing with many different companies and all their different rules. It is all worth it though to make sure their patients get the care they deserve and need, he said.

The greatest upside is “the patient relationships,” said Dr. Elhoff. There is no greater feeling than when people are doing better and you are leading them in the right direction of healing.

Sometimes Dr. Elhoff needs to send his patients on for further care. This can mean sending the patient on to an orthopedic physician or neurologist.

“I am not as concerned with where they get relief as long as they get relief,” he said, “The goal is helping people in need get the help and healing they want. I have never been a high volume clinic.”

His goal is to get patients better and send them home with the tools and exercises to do at home to help them with their pain management.

Dr. Elhoff stressed how thankful he is to the community of Lennox and the surrounding communities for their support over the last 40 years.

In his first year in business he had 600 new patients, he said. Every year since he has added a couple hundred, but that first year was nothing short of amazing with that many new patients, he added.

That first year set the tone for his long career here and gave him the chance to stay in Lennox.

Dr. Elhoff also shared his appreciation for the great employees he has had over the years, all of whom have been from the community. Without them, none of this would have been possible either, he added.

To celebrate his 40 years in business Dr. Elhoff is sponsoring a cash give-away of four $100 bills. To enter the drawing stop at Lennox Chiropractic or mail the entry form found in last week’s newspaper to PO Box 620, Lennox, SD 57039. Entries must be received by the end of January.

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