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District’s Food Service Director encourages families to plan ahead for next year’s school lunch

Lennox School District 41-4 Food Service Director Robbin Symens shared the following announcement last week:

On March 15th congress opted to not extend the USDA universal meal waivers for the national school lunch/breakfast program for next school year 2022-23, and we will be “back to normal”, as we were pre-covid.

Families will still have the option of filling out a free/reduced application for next year. Symens will be sending out the new free/reduced application in July for next school year. Symens encourages families to fill one out. If you don’t qualify for the free status, you might still qualify for the reduced status. Reduced lunch ticket is $.40 and reduced breakfast is $.30 which would help families out who have several family members.

If you have already filled out a F/R application this year and qualified for 2021-22, you have July 1 to October 1 to fill out a new application for next year. If you don’t redo a F/R app by October 1, your account switches to paid status.

If you never filled out a F/R application this year because we were “all free” but think you will qualify and want that grace period in the fall until October 1, you can still fill out a free/reduced application this year, now — before June 30, 2022.

If you qualify for a F/R application, it starts the day the School District receives your application. We cannot back date it to cover unpaid meal charges. Any unpaid meal charges are the household’s responsibility.

Please email ( if you have any questions.

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