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Dennis’ Deals provides shoppers with local deals

Deals are something many of us could use lately with the increase in gas prices affecting us all. While the price of filling up our tanks goes up, the cost of goods doesn’t have to. Local entrepreneur Dennis Hatle is giving local residents another option. Dennis recently opened Dennis’ Deals on Lennox main street inside the Archery Shak.

When you walk into Dennis’ store you are sure to find a variety of different items. The items one can find will range from garden hoses to clothes. The prices will vary just as much as the items you can find as well. The reason for the variations is because of the method that Dennis has for obtaining the items he has in his store.

While many other overstock or deal retailers buy their inventory from warehouses that have been shipped and handled by numerous people, Dennis would rather take a personal approach.

What Dennis does is he goes around to local retailers and buys their overstock at low prices. He then passes those savings onto you the consumer.

Dennis decided to do this because he wanted to serve a purpose as he grew older. He wanted to help others be able to afford things in life that they needed as he knows all too well the struggles that come with barely making enough to provide for one’s family.

While you might go in for a good deal, you are sure to find more than just that, Dennis said. You will also find the Archery Shack and Auntie J’s Soul Food. Joni Williamson, the current owner of the restaurant, started out as a customer of Dennis’ and ended up starting a restaurant in the same building.

Dennis truly wants to give back and help others. He wants to make sure that everyone tries Auntie J’s Soul Food and knows that both Joni and the owner of the building, Melinda, have been great to work with.

The next time you need a deal, would like to save some money, or just need to pass some time, head on over to Dennis’ Deals and look around. You never know what you might find.


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