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Crystal Jacobson to serve as Mayor of Worthing

With only one petition turned in for the open Mayor’s position in Worthing, Crystal Jacobson will take the honors.

A profile on the new mayor follows:

What inspired you to become the Mayor of Worthing?

I was on the Worthing city commission from 2016 through 2019. I enjoyed being on the commission and meeting new people in town and getting their input on issues in Worthing. I have a lot of knowledge from my time on the council and the planning and zoning committee. I care a lot about this community and felt this was where my experience and determination was needed.

How long have you lived in this community and what brought you here? Where are your favorite places to spend time in our town?

My husband and I moved to Worthing in 2003. I grew up in Lennox and my husband grew up in Tea. We both wanted to live in a small town and Worthing was the perfect choice for us to raise our family.

We enjoy spending time at the parks. We also love spending time with our friends in town.

Do you feel that the community is thriving and successful? If so, identify the positives; if not, what would you propose to improve?

Yes and no. This community is a very tight knit community and we absolutely thrive in this area. The people here are amazing! The proof of that happened last summer when the tornado/strong winds hit town. Everyone was helping everyone. It was amazing! The Worthing school is also a positive in town. The teachers and staff at the school are the best and truly care about every student.

Worthing does need some improvements though. Besides the normal infrastructure changes that need to be made, I would like to see more businesses in town. I would also like to see a community center built for everyone to enjoy.

What is your philosophy regarding the city budget, taxes, spending, and services?

Worthing operates on a very small budget. Every penny spent counts in town. The taxes need to be spent on what are priorities in town. I know that everyone has wants, like a swimming pool, but we need to focus on what is absolutely needed. Our sewer system is currently over capacity. We have pipes in the old part of town that need attention. These are items that need to be addressed immediately. If they are not, it could end in disaster.

If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

Updating infrastructure, including sewer, water and roads.

In what ways are you currently active in the community?

I am currently on the planning and zoning committee.

My husband is Jeremy. We have three children. William is 16, Maggie is 14 and Emma is 7.


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