Council holds first reading for Ward Redistricting

Lennox City Council held their final meeting of 2021 last Monday, Dec. 27. Council approved one adjustment to the agenda with the addition of personnel to executive session.

With no visitors to be heard, Council opened the public hearing in regards to the City’s Water and Sewer Improvements project (Central Basin 4 SRF Applications). City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats explained what the project would include. The City expects to apply for approximately $10,255,000 for the improvements.

The City is seeking project funding from the Board of Water and Natural Resources for both the sanitary sewer and water improvements. The funds could be a grant from the state Consolidated Water Facilities Construction Program and/or a loan from the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF) Program. The expected loan terms for sanitary sewer are 2.125 percent for 30 years, and 1.875 percent for 30 years for Drinking Water. The Board of Water and Natural Resources may forgive all or a portion of the loan principal.

He explained that the total amount does not have to be used. Options are open.